Royal Path Luxury Club

Royal path luxury club, the club will be made up of “a carefully selected membership of royal members , businesseswomen  , entrepreneurs and investors” who will “join a star-studded group of business rock stars to create a unique new community, designed for individuals
who not only work to live, but live to work.”

We aims to “combine all the luxuries of a members’ club with unrivalled networking opportunities” through monthly and annual events a brasserie-style restaurants, afternoon tea parties , powder room luxury party.

Our Mission

We believe that community is key and that together, we can shape a narrative that puts sisterhood at its centre. More than a members’ club, we champion the kind of collaboration that inspires change and opens up progressive conversation and to create an environment where dreams come true , where our exclusive members get the opportunity to live a life without limits.

Club is one of the world’s most prestigious business clubs that offers its members an exclusive international business network of successful and like-minded people. Roya path luxury Club opens the door to a world full of new possibilities